Mary Jane Tolentino
Mary Jane Tolentino
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As Team Assistant, MJ is committed to delivering a high level of support to our agents so that they can provide exceptional service, making the real estate journey an unforgettable experience for our clients. MJ’s strong background in customer service has shaped her into an effective communicator. She understands the importance of clear and empathetic communication, ensuring that I listen to the agents’ needs attentively and anticipate their needs. Problem-solving and conflict resolution are second nature to MJ who has honed her ability to navigate challenges gracefully and find creative solutions that exceed expectations. She embraces the dynamic nature of the real estate industry and enjoys staying up-to-date with market trends, technological advancements, and legal regulation. MJ is dedicated to continuous learning, ensuring that she can always provide the best service possible.

MJ was born in Manila, Philippines, and now calls Quezon City, Philippines home. She and her partner Richard share their lives with five adorable furry friends who bring them endless joy. In her downtime, MJ enjoys exploring various cuisines and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. When it's time to unwind, you can find MJ at the beach, her favorite getaway spot. MJ cherishes spending quality time with her family, especially watching movies with her brother or singing along to her favorite tunes. Additionally, she loves embarking on long road trips, as they provide the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. As for her bucket list, it includes visiting every Disneyland around the world, experiencing the thrill of riding an ATV, and getting a meaningful tattoo to mark her journey.