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    Considerations When Buying New Construction Homes

    By Danielle Almanzar | July 19, 2023

    Is a new construction home right for you? Today, Gary is diving into the exciting world of new construction homes. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, there are important factors to consider when purchasing a newly constructed home. From understanding pre and post-construction phases to navigating incentives and conducting inspections, we’ve got... Read More

    Florida Adoptable Dogs and Cats

    By Danielle Almanzar | June 20, 2023

    Join us as we partner with an amazing local no-kill shelter, H.A.L.O., to shine a spotlight on their long-time resident animals who are in need of a forever home. Our team is filled with animal lovers, and we’ve been wanting to work with a local shelter for some time now. We visited H.A.L.O. and were... Read More

    Our Journey to Becoming Vero Beach’s Top Real Estate Team

    By Danielle Almanzar | June 20, 2023

    We have recently been recognized by this year’s Real Trends Best of America’s Real Estate Professionals rankings as Vero Beach’s Top Real Estate Team! This remarkable achievement could not have been done without our best of the best agents and loyal clients. But hold on, there’s even more to celebrate. We were also ranking #10... Read More

    Best Neighborhoods in Vero Beach, FL Beachside

    By Danielle Almanzar | June 14, 2023

    Are you considering a move to Vero Beach, FL? Look no further than the picturesque Beachside area. Unlike its bustling counterpart in South Florida, Beachside in Vero Beach offers a more tranquil and intimate atmosphere with limited building sizes and open parking spaces. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the... Read More

    Is Vero Beach A Good Place To Live?

    By Danielle Almanzar | May 9, 2023

    Are you considering moving to Vero Beach, Florida? This beautiful coastal community offers many benefits, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. One of the top pros of living in Vero Beach is its slow-paced busy season. Despite an influx of tourists during the winter, traffic remains manageable, beaches... Read More

    Is Vero Beach A Nice Place To Live?

    By Danielle Almanzar | May 5, 2023

    is Vero Beach A Nice Place To Live? Read More

    What’s Behind the Steady Home Prices Despite the Pandemic’s Impact on the Housing Market?

    By Danielle Almanzar | April 12, 2023

    Exploring the Factors Behind the Steady Home Prices Despite Predictions of a Crash The housing market has been a hot topic of conversation lately, with many people wondering whether prices will continue to rise or if we’ll see a crash in the near future. One thing is for sure, the market has shifted quite a... Read More

    Local Events This Weekend in Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Ft. Pierce FL!

    By Danielle Almanzar | April 11, 2023

    Treasure Coast Annual Golf TournamentApril 15thSandridge Golf Club- Vero Beach, FLThe Treasure Coast Golf Tournament, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Vero, supports student scholarships and community service projects. Participants can enjoy a day of golf while contributing to a charitable cause, helping to fund educational opportunities for students and vital community initiatives. 10th Anniversary... Read More

    If you’re planning on buying a home in 2023, don’t give up just yet!

    By Danielle Almanzar | April 10, 2023

    Despite the challenges of the current market, there are benefits to being a buyer that make it worthwhile to continue your search. In today’s real estate market, there are some benefits to being a buyer that make it a smart decision to stick with your search. While the short-term challenges of the current market can... Read More

    “What Makes Florida the Fastest-Growing State in America?” – Florida Realtors

    By Danielle Almanzar | April 4, 2023

    Florida has been named the fastest-growing state in the United States by the U.S. Census Bureau, a title it has not held since 1957. The state’s population now stands at over 22 million, and the reasons for its growth are varied. One major factor that draws people to Florida is the weather. Sunshine and palm... Read More