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1025 Gayfeather Lane Testimonial | White Glove Service |

We invite you to listen as our client Tristan describes her experience with our Team. This California resident was unable to be in Florida during the selling process so she trusted our Team to handle all aspects of the home preparation through closing. We are truly grateful to have worked with her!
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Sometimes the best thing is a testimonial from the client themselves.

Good morning Vero Beach. My name is Scott Reynolds, I’m the Team Leader of The Reynolds Team here at ONE Sotheby’s. I wanted to do something a little different. I had a great phone call with one of my past clients who we were able to help. She lived in San Francisco and she had an oceanfront townhome here in Vero Beach and we helped her from the beginning to the end of a staging the House, prepping the House for sale, and shipping her wine and shipping even some furniture, selling some furniture and it’s probably best if I just let her explain it to you guys. Here’s Tristan.

“It was terrific working with your team, especially since I was not in the local area. I was managing the sale from a far and the whole team took very good care of of me and of the property,
and it was a very pleasurable experience.”

What do you think that the team did differently to help out?

“You addressed every little problem that came up as they always do in the sale of a home. You told me about the problem, but you also presented a solution. Often cases you had already dealt with the issue and just brought it to me as sort of a piece of information. I didn’t ever feel as if I needed to worry about anything. I felt like you all were taking care of the property, managing the sale effectively, and were incredibly hands on, which I appreciate it very much.”

That’s awesome and then the the staging that I hate even call him staging people but because they were so much more than www. You actually had one of their teammates out in
Colorado evaluating some art of your father’s right.

“Yeah the staging company you work with it was great. They went above and beyond in many ways and yes, I did end up asking someone that they found an appraiser that they worked with to help me with some outside projects because he was a great guy and he helps with a zero art a lot and so yes I used him for some other things. So all the staging team was also great and again went way beyond above and beyond.”

Tristan I really really appreciate it and I will definitely stay in touch. “My pleasure.”

And if we can do anything else for you don’t hesitate to reach out.

“Oh and the same. Likewise, I’m happy also to talk if anyone ever needs or would like to speak to someone that’s worked with you. I have nothing but good things to say so please keep me on your list.”

Ok. Thanks so much.

“I’d be happy to talk to anyone.”

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

“It’s my pleasure Scott. Thank you for everything!”

So sometimes the best thing is a testimonial from a client themselves. So if we could be of any help to you to buy or sell your home, all our information is below just contact us and we’ll be happy to jump in.

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