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3 Pros AND Cons of Living in Vero Beach, FL

Are you thinking about moving to Vero Beach, Florida? Don’t make a decision until learning these 3 Pros AND Cons of living in Vero Beach, Florida!

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Vero Beach is often referred to as a hidden gem because not many people have heard of our beautiful community. Although we love living in Vero Beach, it may not be the perfect place to live for everyone. 

A major pro to living in Vero Beach is our busy season is still slow compared to the rest of Florida. Despite the influx of tourists during the winter, traffic is not too bad, beaches are still accessible with free parking, and restaurant wait times remain reasonable, allowing us to maintain a small town feel all year around.

On the other hand, a Con is the lack of nightlife. If you like to stay out late with friends and go clubbing or bar hopping, Vero Beach is not for you. We have plenty of local bars and chic cocktail lounges to grab a drink by the water, however we only have a couple options that stay open late into the night.

A Pro of living in Vero Beach is that we have a nice combination of young families and retired couples. This is what helps us maintain a quiet, slow pace of life. You’ll often see older couples walking on the beachside, young families enjoying ice cream by the river, and young adults surfing in the ocean. But if you’re looking for a fast paced city bustling with singles, Vero Beach is not the place for you!

Another Con, which is surprising, is that we technically don’t have pet friendly public beaches. Most people bring their furry friends to the private neighborhood beaches to enjoy the water and sand. If you are a boater, another option is to bring your dogs to one of the sand bars or islands in the Intracoastal so they can enjoy a day under the sun with you. 

A major Pro of Vero Beach is that we are a “small business” friendly city. Our shopping centers are filled with locally owned shops, restaurants, and businesses. However, along with that comes the con of not having many national chains. We are not a “shopping mecca” with high end brands like West Palm Beach or Naples. So if you love to have tons of name brand options for shopping, Vero Beach may not be the place for you. 

A great aspect of Vero Beach is if you are looking for the convenience of big city amenities we are surrounded by big cities including Melbourne, West Palm, and Orlando which are all just a short drive away. 

Leave in the comments below, can you see yourself living in Vero Beach or are you more of a big city person? 

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