5 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Vero Beach, Florida

Considering a move to Florida and pondering the idea of settling down in a charming coastal haven like Vero Beach? If that's the case, this blog post is tailor-made for you! We're here to unpack the essential insights you need before making Vero Beach, FL your new home.

1. Discover the Tranquil Charms: Vero Beach isn't your typical bustling beach destination; it's a relaxed, laid-back coastal retreat. This is the place where you retreat not to make a splash, but to savor solitude. As the sun sets, most eateries and bars call it a day by 10pm—late-night revelry is rare, unlike larger cities. However, there's a few noteworthy exceptions: Grind and Grape, Sol Mar, & The Boiler that are open until late hours and located along our beach. 

2. Prime Location for Urban Escapes: Positioned conveniently along the east coast, Vero Beach provides seamless access to I-95, ensuring you're just a short drive away from major urban centers like Orlando, Melbourne, and Delray. This geographical advantage lets you relish the idyllic ambiance of a small beach town while having the option to venture to nearby cities whenever the mood strikes for a lively night out or a spontaneous weekend getaway.

3. Skies Filled with Sunrises, Not Skyscrapers: In Vero Beach, the focus is on preserving its intimate, small-town character and breathtaking vistas. Sky-high structures are a no-go, as the town has wisely prohibited skyscraper construction. While there are a few pre-existing spires that were grandfathered in, they remain the only skyscrapers dotting the Vero Beach skyline. This intentional zoning regulation ensures that the town's allure remains grounded in its tranquil, coastal essence.

4. Seasonal Ebb and Flow: Vero Beach thrives as a favored second-home community. What does this mean? Many residents don't call this town home year-round. From November to May, the population swells with seasonal visitors—tourists and snowbirds—seeking respite from the northern chill and soaking in the Florida sun. Despite this surge, Vero Beach maintains its unhurried pace even during this period, evading the traffic influx that plagues larger Florida cities. When the season ebbs, Vero Beach transforms into a serene haven with only permanent residents gracing the beaches and local eateries.

5. Crafting Your Ideal Lifestyle: Vero Beach is all about customization. Your lifestyle aspirations will guide your choice of Vero Beach neighborhood. Each community boasts its own distinctive lifestyle, reflected in the amenities they offer. Curious to find the Vero Beach neighborhood that resonates with your style? Dive into our blog showcasing the top 5 neighborhoods in Vero Beach, FL 32963 and unlock the perfect place to call home.

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