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5 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Vero Beach, Florida

Are you thinking of moving to Florida and are trying to decide if you want to live in a small beach town like Vero Beach? Then this video is for you! Here are 5 things you need to know before you move to Vero Beach, FL!

Number 1, Vero Beach is a casual lowkey beach town with not a lot of hustle and bustle. It is not where you go to be seen, it is where you go to hide. Most restaurants and bars close around 10pm, you won’t see many places open until 1-2am. One bar that stays open is grind and grape, a café during the day and a cocktail lounge later in the night for local young adults to enjoy drinking by the beach with friends!

Number 2, We are centrally located on the east coast with easy access to I-95, so we are a short drive away from major cities like Orlando, Melbourne, and Delray so you can enjoy a small beach town lifestyle and go to a nearby city when you’re looking for a crazy night out or a weekend getaway.

Number 3, sunrises not highrises- You are not allowed to build skyscrapers in Vero Beach in order to preserve the small town atmosphere and the beautiful views. The tallest buildings you will find on the Island are the spires, which were built before this rule was put into place and were grandfathered in. They are the only skyscrapers in all of Vero Beach!

Number 4, Vero Beach is a big 2nd home community. What does this mean? Most residents don’t live here all year long. Seasonal population swells from November to May, when tourists and snowbirds come to enjoy the warm Florida sun and escape the cold from up north. However, Vero Beach still maintains a slow pace lifestyle just in this time and we do not see as much traffic as other major towns in Florida. And when the season ends, Vero Beach is one of the most serene towns you will come across in Florida where the only people occupying the beach and restaurants are locals that are permanent residents.

Number 5, It’s all about lifestyle here- You pick the lifestyle you want and that helps you decide where to live in Vero Beach. Every community/neighborhood has a distinctive lifestyle that their amenities promote! Are you interested in finding out which neighborhood fits your lifestyle in Vero Beach? Check out our video on the 5 best neighborhoods in Vero Beach, FL!

If you have any more questions on Vero Beach, you can give me, Sven Frisell, a call at 772.480.9009!

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