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Business Spotlight: Minuteman Press |

We invite you to tour one of our favorite vendors to work with, Minuteman Press, who offers one-stop shopping from printing to branding to marketing, and even a car wash!

Want to know more? Contact Minuteman Press at 772.567.4645 | | Visit their website:
Or stop by Monday-Friday 9-5 at: 983 12th Street
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Contact Scott 772.321.2113 | and learn why we use Minuteman Press!

Who Is Minuteman Press in Vero Beach?

Good morning Vero Beach! My name is Scott Reynolds. I am the Team Leader of The Reynolds Team at Treasure Coast Sothebys. Today, what we’re doing is a business
spotlight on one of my favorite businesses in town Minuteman Press. So we’re here today, at Minuteman Press and I wanted to just introduce you to Lisa who’s the
general manager here.

At Minuteman Press we’re a locally owned family owned franchise owners are Steve and Carlene Brunk. We design print and promote you. From customer service we have
a full staff design team. We have four designers on staff.

Okay, Wow. So basically someone a small business owner whether it’s a travel agent or a electrician or whatever the business is, they can just come in cuz they obviously know their businesses really well but they may not know the marketing or distribution very well so they can just come in and sit down with you and and you can help them lay out a plan?

Right. They need promotional items. They need direct mail, every door direct, certain things like that…banners, signage for their building We can go from start to finish and do everything In-House, One-Stop branding.

So you can do as little as…hey I need A thousand business cards or you can put a whole marketing plan together for them?


What sets Minuteman apart? 

We’re very proud of our facility and we keep up with technology. We’re always upgrading and expanding, moving things around. We have new equipment all the time. We are so proud of what we have here that I always invite people to come tour our shop at Minuteman like they’re going to a candy factory. They come in they get a tour, they go out back and see our cutter, our folding machines, and our big silk screen shop we have now and they see the the shirts being printed and then as they leave, they get a pad, a pen, and some nice candy and the tour is over and we usually then proceed and let them get a coupon for our car wash.

What’s the story with the car wash out front?

When my boss Steve was looking for a building to expand this facility which is 9,000 square feet to the building and this property came with the car wash. So he never had any intention being in a car wash business. So of course it’s our Minuteman colors-the orange and green, and the automated base has been upgraded. The community knows that we take pride whether it’s our print shop or our car wash. We take pride and ownership and keeping everything up-to-date, clean, and we’re just happy to be here in the community!

So this has been great. So if you need any kind of printing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Minuteman Press. All of their information, their website, everything will be below. Thank you so much!

No problem, and anybody is welcome to stop by!

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