Exploring the Reasons Behind Inbound and Outbound Moves in Florida

Florida has long been known as a popular destination, but what about the people who are leaving the Sunshine State? According to the United Van Lines 2022 National Mover Study, Florida is still an “inbound state,” with more than 55% of its shipments headed into the state versus leaving it. However, there are differences in the reasons and demographics of those moving in and out.

In 2022, 38% of United Van Lines movers to Florida relocated for retirement, and 28% moved for a lifestyle change. In contrast, those leaving Florida were motivated by family (46%) and new jobs (28%). It’s worth noting that the share of movers using a full-service van line may not be proportional to all movers, so there may be some age and income bias.

Regarding age, over 69% of United Van Lines movers headed to Florida are older than 55, and nearly 39% are 65 or older. On the other hand, approximately two in three (66%) of those leaving Florida were older than 55. However, it’s not just retirees moving to Florida; millennials and people of all ages are contributing to Florida’s population growth.

In terms of income, nearly half (48%) of United Van Line movers coming into Florida reported an income of $150,000 or more. In contrast, 37% of those leaving the state reported the same income level. Interestingly, more movers with an income under $75,000 headed out of Florida than arrived in the state.

It’s clear that Florida continues to attract retirees and those seeking a lifestyle change, as well as those with higher incomes. However, to maintain its reputation as a low-cost-of-living state with economic opportunities and beautiful beaches, Florida must plan for movers of all types. Realtors can play a crucial role in supporting buyers and sellers with their local market expertise, no matter which direction the movement is going. Job opportunities, housing affordability, and interest rates will continue to impact how many people find moving to Florida feasible in the future. Contact us today to learn more.

*Source: floridarealtors.org

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