Fall Decor Tips For Your Front Door And Porch

Putting up fall porch decor is one of our favorite ways to refresh your home's curb appeal.  It requires just a few simple touches to make a good first impression. Few may come into your home, but many pass by. 

1. Hang a fall wreath - Wreaths serve as a welcoming focal point for your home's entrance and can instantly add charm and personality. Adding small seasonal accents to your wreath can make it even more unique. These could include mini pumpkins, acorns, decorative picks, or faux autumn fruits like apples and pears

2. Think vertical - Short on space? Try adding vertical signs that say "Welcome" or "Happy Fall." You can also stack items vertically, for example; Mums in a galvanized bucket do not take up a lot of room when stacked on top of an old milk jug. 

3. Tiered Shelves - Add dimension to your front porch decor with a tiered shelf to hold decorations. Small pumpkins, pine cones, sticks and dried corn cobs are all perfect for fall. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless with this tiered shelf.

4. Layered rugs - One of my favorite porch decor tips. For example; start with a bold black and white buffalo print to go underneath, and stack your favorite doormat on top. It adds the perfect contrast!

5. Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins! - When in doubt, fill a front porch with pumpkins. Sometimes when decorating for fall, the more pumpkins the better! Orange colored mums compliment the fall pumpkin vibe nicely. 

Fall is a beautiful time of year to spend outdoors. I hope these tips will give you inspiration for how to decorate your porch for Fall. 

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