Harnessing the Power of Our In-House Marketing Team

At The Reynolds Team of Compass, we pride ourselves on our Marketing Strategy. Our unique in-house marketing team collaborates seamlessly with our agents to ensure the best exposure for your home. Here’s an inside look at how we make it happen.

The Strength of Our In-House Team

Our marketing department stands out because it's entirely in-house. This setup means our team is easily accessible to agents, fostering a collaborative environment that ensures unified branding and messaging. This proximity allows for quick adjustments and a more personalized approach to marketing each property.

Roles & Introductions

Our dynamic marketing team, each playing a vital role in promoting your home - from photographers and videographers to digital marketing specialist and content creators, every team member contributes to crafting a compelling narrative for your property.

Our Approach to Listing a Home

When it comes to listing a home for sale, our process is thorough and strategic. We begin by learning from the agent about the property and identifying its most appealing aspects. This knowledge helps us create a tailored marketing plan that includes:

  • Professional photos and videos
  • Aerial shots and twilight photography
  • Community photos that highlight the neighborhood’s charm

Pre-Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Before the listing goes live, we work with the agent to generate buzz on social media. Our pre-marketing "coming soon" campaigns build anticipation and attract potential buyers early on.

Targeted Campaigns After Listing

Once the listing is live, we analyze web traffic to understand where interest is coming from. We then launch targeted ad campaigns to reach those specific audiences, maximizing exposure.

Email Campaigns and Agent Networks

Our extensive email campaign reaches 50,000 realtors, ensuring your property gets noticed by professionals who might have interested clients. Additionally, we leverage our network of Compass agents, distributing the listing through various channels to expand its reach.

Powerful Multi-Channel Marketing

We use a variety of channels to ensure comprehensive coverage, including:

  • Blog posts that provide valuable insights and updates
  • Email newsletters to keep potential buyers informed
  • Social media posts to engage a broader audience
  • Google ads to target specific search terms and demographics

Driving Traffic to Our Website

To get more eyes on our sellers' homes, we focus on driving traffic to our website. This involves:

  • Optimizing for relevant search terms
  • Keeping the site up-to-date with new, relevant blog content
  • Staying current with marketing trends and continually enhancing our skills through ongoing education

Traditional Media and Print Marketing

Our marketing efforts don’t stop online. We also invest in:

  • Commercials on cable TV and YouTube TV
  • Print ads and postcards to reach potential buyers who prefer traditional media

Continuous Agent Education and Support

We believe in empowering our agents with the latest marketing knowledge. Our team is always in the office, ready to assist and educate our agents, ensuring they have the tools and information needed to promote your property effectively.


At The Reynolds Team of Compass, our goal is to maximize exposure and drive interest in your home through a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing strategy. With our dedicated in-house team and collaborative approach, we ensure your property stands out in a competitive market.

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