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Should You Wait Until January to Sell Your Home? |

Should You Wait Until January to Sell Your Home? Yes and No – Let us explain!

Take a look at 1025 Gayfeather Lane-a perfect example of why listing now is a good idea!

Considering selling your home? Let’s discuss if now is the right time for you and how to prepare. Contact Scott 772.321.2113 | |

Should I wait until January to sell my House? Good question, let’s talk about it!
So this month I’m getting asked often by sellers and I wanted to share with you guys…”Should I wait until January to put my home on the market?” So I wanted to address that because there is a Yes and a No to it.

You should wait until January if you haven’t decided to sell your home and you’re still kind of wavering and then use the next couple of months to start bringing in real estate professionals to talk about how to prepare for the sale, how to you know the marketing strategy, what they do different. The pricing strategy but take your time in doing it so that you can also prepare the House for sale. So that would be the time I would wait.

The advantages of going on the market Now is the inventory.
The inventory is really low right now! There’s less competition and the buyers that are in the marketplace their home has already sold or they’ve already decided to buy. They’re just waiting for the right home to come on the market that checks all the boxes. If it checks their boxes, they’re booking flights, they’re coming, they’re looking and they’re purchasing. So don’t be don’t be afraid of going on the market now. Now is actually a good time if you know you do want to sell and you’ve already done some of the prep work to do so.

So I wanted to get give you guys an actual case study that we’re just wrapping up.
We’re going close on Monday. This was a…to set the stage. This was a oceanfront home in the Center of Town. I met with the owner in August and the home and we needed about two weeks of prep time and the discussion was the very question that I’m asking you guys- whether we should go on the market in January or not. We need about two or three weeks of prep work, of staging and sorting out the House but the seller did decide they wanted to sell. When we introduced it to the market properly with video, 3D Matterport, professional photography and our syndication through Sotheby’s International Realty, we within about 30 days, we got an offer that we negotiated and there was no other homes on the marketplace that checked those boxes so the buyer had very little if any to choose from. It was so good that we even got we actually sold the home twice. So we got a backup contract for a tad bit more money for the seller, but we had ended up selling the House twice! So that the buyers, so we’re actually looking for another home to sell that that is like the one that we have at 1025 Gayfeather. It is a perfect example for all intense purposes, of a luxury property and you wouldn’t think that you would want to go on the market during the summer months in Vero Beach but the competition was really really low and it was perfect timing to maximize the to get the top dollar for the seller.

If you are considering selling your home, we’d love the opportunity to interview with you and show you what we do differently to sell homes.

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