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Thinking about buying a 2nd home in Florida? This is what you need to know!

Are you thinking about buying a second home, and are considering Florida as a possible 2nd home destination?  Here are the 3 biggest reasons why you should buy your 2nd home in Florida!

  1. No state income tax- When you buy a 2nd home in Florida you can establish Florida residency and you don’t have to pay state income tax.
  2. Homestead exemption- what this is in simple terms is you have a reduction of the taxable assessed value for your property and your property values can’t go up more than 3% a year. This can save you around $750 a year on taxes. 
  3. The Florida lifestyle- Florida is one of the most popular 2nd home destinations for a reason, and Vero Beach has a large 2nd home community. Vero Beach is a casual lowkey beach town with not a lot of hustle and bustle. It is not where you go to be seen, it is where you go to hide. Vero Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean, which brings in cool breezes to our warm beaches and waves perfect for surfers. While the beaches are a favorite place to relax for locals, Vero Beach’s small town atmosphere means the beaches are never crowded and there’s always plenty of easily accessible free parking. If you’re looking for a peaceful beach town that runs on locally owned small businesses, Vero Beach is the perfect 2nd home destination for you! You can enjoy a high quality lifestyle in a peaceful and quiet beach town, while benefiting from Florida’s tax advantages and exemptions. If you’re thinking about buying a 2nd home in Vero Beach, or other towns on the treasure coast like Sebastian and Hutchinson Island, please reach out to us!

Watch our YouTube video below to listen to Deena Serna explain why you should buy a 2nd home in Florida! In her next video she will talk about how she can set you up with a lender to help you qualify for a second mortgage and tips on how to cash out and refinance your primary home so you have cash to buy your 2nd home! Thank you for reading!

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