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Vero Beach VS Naples | Where Should I Move To in Florida | Top 3 Things to Consider

00:00 Make Me Move!
00:23 Reason One: Community
00:55 Reason Two: Homes
01:40 Reason Three: Lifestyle

Make Me Move! We are taking Florida’s most popular cities and comparing them to our hometown, Vero Beach, to help YOU decide which city you should call home. Here are the Top 3 things to consider when choosing between Vero Beach and Naples.
1. Community Vero Beach is a quiet beachside town with low traffic and population. As locals say, you can get to anything within 15 minutes. If you are looking for a lively, hustle and bustle feel, Vero isn’t the place for you. Naples is a busy, active city with high traffic and population that increases during the snowbird season. If you are looking for hustle and bustle with a small city feel, Naples is the place for you.
2. Homes Vero Beach offers a wide variety of housing styles from eclectic and beachy to contemporary to Mediterranean, anything goes. There is a 35 ft building height restriction so there are no skyrises! Median home value is $330,000 which makes it still a very affordable place to live, especially for a beach town. Naples has a luxe, Mediterranean feel blending earth tone stucco, barrel tile roofs and tropical landscape. Median home value is $545,000 with about 58% of housing being high-rise condos and large condo complexes.
3. Lifestyle Vero Beach is known for its small town, relaxed atmosphere created by the community festivals, farmers markets and art gallery strolls. Locals love to buy farm fresh produce from farm stands, citrus groves and the farmer’s market. There are a variety of shopping options from eclectic boutiques in all price ranges to national retailers. Twice a month, the downtown and beachside streets are shut down for people to enjoy bands, dancing, and street vendors. There is a vibrant arts scene with an artist’s village, gallery strolls, art museum and professional theater. Naples is infamous for its world-class shopping experience and high-end retailers, five-star dining, beautiful beaches, and abundance of golf. Just like Vero, there is a vibrant art scene with numerous art venues, cultural events, theater, symphony, and festivals. This self-proclaimed Golf Capital of the World has over 80 championship golf courses.
I hope these 3 key points about both cities help make your decision easier. If you want to learn more about Vero Beach, contact our Team! Subscribe to our channel and leave a comment below where you would move to… Vero Beach or Naples?

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