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Vero Beach Vs. St. Augustine, Florida | Where To Move To in FL

Believe it or not, we hear from many people trying to decide between buying a home in Vero Beach or St. Augustine. We are taking Florida’s most popular cities and comparing them to our hometown, Vero Beach, to help YOU decide which city you should call home. Here are the Top 3 things to consider when choosing between Vero Beach and St. Augustine.

St. Augustine lays claim to being the oldest city in the U.S., so while the population is only around 18,000 residents, the city is a lighthouse for tourism attracting over 6 million visitors a year! St. Augustine offers an enormous variety of dining and live music options, including an outdoor amphitheater, perfect for those that want to live in a small town while still enjoying the luxuries of entertainment typically seen in larger cities. Vero does offer a nice variety of restaurants, but they don’t compare in number and variety compared to St. Augustine (yet Vero’s options are increasing).

Vero Beach’s population swells during “season” when snowbirds migrate south for the winter yet our beachside town still remains on the quiet side with minimal traffic. Vero’s live music options are mainly local bars and street festivals, perfect for those that crave a quiet small town lifestyle. As the crow flies, homes in both cities are not far from the long stretches of sandy beaches, but St. Augustine’s traffic makes it a longer commute than Vero Beach. Housing costs are 21.2% more expensive and the cost of living is 7.2% higher in St. Augustine. So when looking for a home, you’ll get more bang for your buck in Vero Beach. St. Augustine is a great choice for those who like a bit of cooler weather in the winter, and perhaps not as much heat and humidity in the summer. Whereas, Vero Beach’s temperatures don’t dip as low, perfect for those who love a year round warm climate. You have to weigh out the pros and cons of how tourism affects a small town and the lifestyle you desire when choosing between Vero Beach and St. Augustine!

If you’re thinking about moving to Vero Beach you can contact me at 772.480.9009 or email me at to get answers to any questions you have about our small beach town.

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