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Vero Sphere Interview (Part 1 of 5)

Photo Credit: Vero Sphere

Our Team is honored to have been selected by Vero Sphere to feature in a series of interviews. Her thought-provoking questions dive into who we really are as a local real estate team and how we all are able to work closely together, because after all, we are family! Below is part 1 of a 5 part series.

“There are a lot of people in real estate that call themselves ‘teams’. The truth is, teams can be highly, highly functional. But the other side of that is that teams can be highly, highly dysfunctional. Being on the former side, our team members focus on their niches and specialties, all while working toward a common goal – as opposed to a bunch of practitioners having their own goals and just sharing information when they’re prompted. I must say, we all work really, really well together, and always have that common goal – providing the absolute best service with all of our clients. We have a great synergy – when our separate parts work together, we create one full company that is 100% competent in assisting our clients with their demands. We have clients that are first time home buyers, first time home sellers, baby boomers that have lived in their homes for 15 years and are arguably first time home sellers because it’s been so long since they’ve sold a home. We’ve got retirees moving to Vero Beach to their retirement or dream home. We have the good and the bad. Couples getting married, or divorced – either joining houses or separating houses. Some people dealing with estates and attorneys. People growing their families. Our clientele is all across the board. It’s just always very humbling – you’re part of someone’s whole life, even if just for a short while.”

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