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Vero Sphere Interview (Part 2 of 5)

Photo Credit: Vero Sphere

Part 2 of 5 in our interview series with Vero Sphere gives some insight into our Team. What an incredible journey it’s been.

“I was a partner with a brokerage firm – which was a great part of my life; my career. Deciding to go for it with my own team rather than with partners, was a huge defining moment for me. As an individual practitioner, you have to do everything yourself and end up specializing in nothing. So, you’re essentially running with three, four or five buyers, and the next thing you know, your sellers are looking for feedback on their showings, or for what marketing has been done on their properties. You’re always catching up, rather than staying ahead. I’m so grateful for the team that I have in place. Being able to have specialists that are phenomenal in whatever it is they do – marketing, administration, buyer or seller representation – and to have everybody working together and mind sharing what they’re able to, really creates a unique dynamic within our team that sets us apart from the rest. Looking back, I’m really happy I took that jump. I wasn’t totally surprised by the challenge of going off on my own, as I knew we would all be able to really pull together and achieve whatever we worked towards. It’s been such an incredible journey, and it’s nice to know my team put the faith in me, in us, that we would find success.” 

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