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Vero Sphere Interview (Part 4 of 5)

Photo Credit: Vero Sphere

Part 4 of Scott’s interview with Vero  Sphere. Level 10!

“Day in and day out, we try to operate everything at ‘level 10’. Internally, that means not only working at our best and putting our best foot forward at all times, but also living life at that same level. Whether that’s vacationing or relationships – whatever comes our way. Level 10 is kind of a fun discussion. There really is no level 9, level 8 or level 7 – you’re either at level 10 or you’re at level 1. It’s more than just working, it’s doing everything at your highest ability. Working with Sotheby’s helps us stay at Level 10 pretty easily, as it really lends an edge to our team. Aside from the technology aspect, there is just a certain prestige that comes with the name. Agents can hang their license up practically anywhere, so we chose to do so with a firm that helps us continue to assist our clients better than our competition. Most brokers and agents that are here, are limited to the exposure of Vero Beach. I’m all about learning and growing myself and my team, so I’ve been working with a nationally recognized coach that helps guide agents, brokers and mortgage folks all over the country and world. I can share those experiences in small towns like Vero Beach within our team, which really puts us a step or two ahead of our competition.”

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