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Vero Sphere Interview (Part 5 of 5)

Photo Credit: Vero Sphere

The final Interview in a series of 5 with Vero Sphere talks about finding balance and team growth.

“I’ve been in business for sixteen years. It hasn’t always been a smooth ride – there were times I was pretty burned out. From those low points, I’ve learned that it’s so important to find a proper balance. Nowadays, I’m in that spot where I can work and stay competitive – but at the same time, have fun and keep a loving, happy home life. Watching myself and our team grow, in both skill-set and capabilities, has been a lot of fun. I personally enjoy competing against myself, rather than looking at the other agents and brokers in town. As the market is constantly changing, we are always trying to stay current with techniques and adjustments – whether that’s adjusting up, down or sideways. We try to make sure that we’re always on top of everything; looking for the next moves. We consider ourselves a very innovative group of individuals. Growing and scaling the team has been exciting. We’ve got a great platform. We’re always leveraging in a measured way. We all really like working with people and helping them through selling or buying their home. I’m happy that I have the availability to invest time and energy into growing my own business, as opposed to being an employee at someone else’s. The two things that continue to push me forward in the right direction are having the right people around me, and aligning my actions with my goals. Having a good team has been monumental. People that genuinely care and are passionate about what they do – and actually enjoy their job – is something I would call a success. We always put the customer first, and if we’re always doing that – we know it will always work out for us.”




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