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WEDNESDAY WISDOM | Did you know… | Indian River Citrus

WEDNESDAY WISDOM | Did you know…
There is more than a century of history tied to our famous Indian River Citrus with our area being known as the citrus capital of the world! Due to the soil conditions & high water table in our area, Indian River grapefruit is recognized as the finest in the world today. One of the best-kept secrets is the high-quality oranges grown in our area which are thin skinned with a high sugar content and are mostly used to yield premium, sweet orange juice.

Citrus season is just around the corner! We encourage you to go and sample the homegrown citrus from one of the handful of family-owned citrus growers right in our backyard! There are several farm stands around town where you can see some eclectic farm buildings, citrus packing houses, or even the juicing process while you sip daily squeezed orange and grapefruit juices! Most farm stores offer a gift shop full of locally made, gourmet items and farm fresh produce. No discerning citrus shopper should leave without a bag full of honey bells and ruby red grapefruits.

Shop local and stop by one of these, or your favorite Vero Beach farm store. Don’t forget the fresh squeezed orange juice, it is truly a sweet treat!
Countryside Citrus – 6325 81st St. & 3300 Ocean Drive.
Schacht Groves – 6100 12th Street.
Peterson Groves – 3375 66th Avenue.
Poinsettia Groves – 1481 US Highway 1.

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