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WEDNESDAY WISDOM | Did you know… | Sea Turtles on our Beaches

There are 3 species of Sea Turtles-Loggerhead, Green, and Leatherback-that nest yearly on our beaches. There’s nothing quite like watching sea turtles nest and their babies hatch and make their way to the ocean! A great way to learn more about these beautiful creatures is to sign up for a guided sea turtle walk during the summer at the Sebastian Inlet State Park. This memorable experience allows guests to learn about, observe and hopefully see the nesting and egg-laying process of a loggerhead sea turtle. Click here to register for an upcoming sea turtle walk:
Sea turtle nesting and hatchings are common on our beaches so take a morning or evening walk and you may be lucky enough to witness one in progress! This video shows a surprise hatching while we were sitting on the beach one morning in August.
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